CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Someone is going door-to-door in local neighborhoods asking people some very personal questions.

It has a lot of families on edge, as the man claims to be the neighborhood watch captain but he is definitely not that.

"First words out of his mouth to me were, 'Hello I am your neighborhood crime watch captain,'" said Charlotte Bonilla, a Pawtuckett neighborhood watch captain.

For Charlotte, that was the first red flag because she is an actual neighborhood watch captain.

"I listened to what he had to say though because I was curious," said Bonilla.

Looks can be deceiving, but it didn't take long for Charlotte to see right through him.

"He looked polished," said Bonilla. "But not any of them would ever ask what kind valuables do you have when are you not going to be home. That's a blueprint for robbery."

Word spread of a scheme that had scam written all over it. Anne Swann, also a member of the Pawtuckett neighborhood watch, warned people on the Nextdoor social media app.

"This is a first," said Swann. "It just screamed, 'Scam!'"

A scam that started with a simple knock at the door.

"It's like in five minutes of time he took that from me," said Bonilla.

While the neighbor watch wannabe hasn't stolen anything he did, however, rob Charlotte of her something else.

"He just kind of shattered that sense of security for me," said Bonilla. "I have to think twice now before I answer my door."