CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some new laws are coming your way this year.

For South Carolina, a new tax credit goes into effect January 1, 2018 for preventative maintenance on your car truck or motorcycle. Save your receipts when you buy gas, tires or get your car worked on. You can then claim those expenses on your 2018 taxes and be reimbursed. That's to make up for those higher state taxes or what you spent on maintenance.

Also regarding your vehicle, your registration fees will go up $16 and electric cars will be hit with a new "road user" fee.

Head across the border to North Carolina and you'll see changes too.

A new law will limit how doctors prescribe painkillers-- working to fight the opioid epidemic across the state. Now doctors will only be able to prescribe 5 days' worth of opioids for situations like sports injuries or car crashes and only one-week prescriptions following a surgery.

And finally, because of a rise in police and community tensions, drivers education handbooks will now include instructions on what to do during traffic stops, things like keeping your hands on the wheel, staying in the vehicle, and complying with the officer.