CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Thousands lined the streets in uptown Charlotte Tuesday saying, "I'm with her," eager to witness history as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton arrive in Charlotte for their first appearance of the election together.

Two one-time rivals came together on the same stage eight years later as President Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte.

It was the first time since Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee that Obama has appeared with her at a campaign even.

“Hillary Clinton has to be the next President of the United States,” Obama told a packed hall at the Charlotte Convention Center.

North Carolina is considered a battleground state in the November election.

The President smiled and sat on a stool as Hillary Clinton greeted the crowd, saying ‘Hello, Charlotte.’

She was cheered as she talked about her vision of building ladders and bridges, not walls to exclude people.

Clinton said Donald Trump was unqualified and, “temperamentally unfit to be our President.”

When it was his turn, Obama continued going after Trump. He said this was not some reality television show, adding, “You don’t have the luxury of just saying whatever pops into your head.”

The President got one of the loudest reactions from the crowd when he mentioned Trump and some Republican policies and the crowd booed.

Obama held up his hand and said, “Don’t boo, vote.”

NBC Charlotte found only one Trump supporter protesting outside of the Charlotte Convention Center.

"I'm a one woman army-- give me a break," she said.

On the heels of the FBI finding Clinton was grossly negligent with top secret emails, supports stand by Clinton, saying she's still the best candidate in the race.

"I have confidence in those prosecutors. I think Secretary Clinton will be exonerated," one supporter said.

After leaving the hall, the Presidential motorcade stopped at the Midwood Smokehouse where Obama ordered some 'que before heading back to Air Force One for the ride back to Washington.

The President's flight was slightly delayed leaving Charlotte, as a line of strong storms moved in late-Tuesday afternoon.

(Credit: @KiserJennifer)
(Credit: @KiserJennifer)

The Clinton campaign says there were 7000 in attendance inside the convention center Tuesday, with another 2500 in the overflow upstairs; the campaign cited the Fire Marshal with those numbers. That would make Tuesday's Charlotte event the largest rally for Clinton's campaign this cycle, as about 5000 people attended the launch event in Roosevelt Island last year.