CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you think groups like the KKK, Neo-Confederates and even slack separatists are ancient history, think again.

Evidently, there are hundreds of hate groups across the country, including dozens here in the Carolinas. The Southern Poverty Law Center is putting what it deems hate groups on the map.

Its map currently includes 917 so-called hate groups from every corner of the country.

"Our purpose is to educate Americans. Many of whom think groups like the Ku Klux Klan as being something in the history books, as to the reality that these groups really do still exist today," said Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to the law center, 43 hate groups operate in North and South Carolina. Three of the hate groups were listed in the Charlotte area, including a Neo-Nazi organization called the Daily Stormer.

The Nation of Islam and Israel United in Christ were listed as black separatist groups.

Corine Mack, President Of Charlotte's NAACP chapter, was surprised to see how much hate has spread.

"I'm sad,” she said. “I was actually shocked initially when I saw it because I didn't know it was such a vast amount of groups."

You can check out the law center's interactive map here.