LANCASTER, S.C .-- A group of feral cats have another shot at life after they were brought to the Carolinas from Guantanamo Bay.

"Not just anyone can come into Guantanamo Bay," said Glynn Meade, Operation Git-Meow. "That in itself was a major major deal."

Glynn Meade and his wife spearheaded a rescue mission of epic feline proportions. Glynn says Gitmo, known to be a wartime prison, is also home to more than 500 feral cats.

"We've got one in there named Diablo and he was very abused when he was younger," said Meade. "It took me like six months before I could touch him. He loves me. He's my baby."

Now thanks to "Operation Git-Meow," Diablo and 24 other furry friends will have a better home in Lancaster, S.C.

Mike Plante with "Pilots 'N Paws" didn't hesitate to help.

"We looked at them all on the tarmac and I don't know if all these cats are going to fit," said Mike Plante, a pilot for Pilots 'N Paws. "We just jumped at the chance. Didn't have to think twice about. We said we could make it work."

Now after years of hard work, Glynn says this is the perfect ending.

"Well it would be something that I wouldn't want to tackle again," said Meade.