CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The hallways are empty at Smithfield Elementary school in South Charlotte, with CMS not starting until August 28.

The last touches are being made before the kids invade the school and start a new academic year.

The teachers know that preparing to mold the minds of tomorrow leave little time to relax, today.

"It's a job," says one teacher.

But there is that one room, forbidden to kids and forever open to educators; the Teacher's lounge.

"It's kind of a little bit of a sanctuary from all the craziness that's outside," says Becky Benton, a mother of three and all-star volunteer at Smithfield.

The teachers NBC Charlotte spoke to, would never criticize their kindergartners, but when it comes to the old couches in the lounge, "You didn't not want to sit on them. I would have rather stood in the corner," said Mrs. Purcell.

"It looked like it needed a cleanup," said Melissa Woller, another all-star volunteer at Fairfield.

That's when Woller and Benton took matters into their own hands, renovating the teacher's lounge.

"The idea just kind of out as something small," said Benton.

"It kind of escalated and then we decided we would paint the cabinets," added Woller.

"My first thought was wow, I can't believe and I immediately felt like we're so loved," said Purcell.