NBC Charlotte is showing you the wants and needs of teachers in our area. Many spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars out of pocket to make education inspiring, interesting and engaging. But they need our help to do it.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In 13 days, the bell will ring and classes will be back in session for students. But for teachers like Ms. Johnson at Sedgefield Middle School, school is already in and it's adding up fast.

Ms. Johnson, a CMS English and Language Arts teacher, is an out-of-the-box thinker and needs your help to make reading fun and interesting in her new reading nook, which is now bare.

Ms. Johnson said “even if someone was to build me something, like a small table and a few chairs or buy it if they can. It will allow me to take them out of confining desks into more flexible seating.”

Her vision is a Starbucks like bistro set. Surely, someone out there has those skills or budget, right?

Next door to Ms. Johnson's class, science class is in for Miss Rodriguez. Like many CMS classes, her science class has a long list of needs as well and the dollars are scarce. Most of her back-to-school budget is focused on the kids' supplies.

"I need those things as well," Miss Rodriguez said. "Pens, pencils, binders, crates, paper, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, markers and highlighters. The list goes on for us.”

Investing in your kid's teachers is an investment in your kids and your community. After all, these kids might be hired by you, they might heal you or defend you. They might even one day, down the road, take care of you.

Miss Rodriguez said she "easily" spends between $300 and $500 on supplies for her class.