CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg School officials are urging parents to be patient following the first day of school.

The reminder came after police were searching for a student that was lost in the school bus shuffle Monday.

"Wasn't anything I could do just sit, wait, listen," said Tamra Singletary, a CMS parent.

For Tamra, it was a back to school nightmare for her two little girls.

"I had that experience last year," said Singletary.

Jayla, Tamra's sixth-grade daughter, missed the bus she was supposed to be on and Jayra, Tamra's fourth-grade daughter who is hard of hearing and has down syndrome, was put on the wrong bus.

"Scary," said Tamra. "It was real scary because her teacher actually put her on the right bus this afternoon and she was taken off the bus and placed on another bus."

"So the child got off the bus, went on another bus," said a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police dispatcher via a police scanner. "We're trying to figure out what bus they got on."

Tamra was not the only parent panicking on the first day. Police frantically searched for a teenager who didn't make it home after their bus ride.

The new CMS superintendent responded to the transportation woes after the first day of school Monday.

"We had a heavy concentration of drivers that came onto our campuses today which really slowed some of our buses down," said CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox.