LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. -- Lancaster County classrooms are going digital, as at least 10,000 Chrome Books were purchased for students.

“This year, we are going to be rolling out chrome books for grades 3 through 12 throughout our district," says Elizabeth Bryant, Instructional Specialist for Technology for Lancaster County Schools.

Distributing the laptops has been a gradual process within the district. This year, educators are happy that even more students will be able to get their hands on them.

“In the past, we've piloted this and some of our middle schools. Last year, all five middle schools and one high school had chrome books. And so this year, we are rolling out to the additional students," says Bryant.

They say the advanced technology helps their students interact with their peers, as well as their teachers.

“With the collaboration, they can share their documents. They can all be working on the same thing. They can share individual things. Their teachers can comment to them. They can get instantaneous feedback," says Bryant.

Educators say their focus is on their students' future.

“In South Carolina, we’re trying to get everybody college and career ready and so we believe the sooner we start this process, the sooner the kids will be ready for college," says Bryant.