ROCK HILL, S.C. -- It’s officially back to school season, and parents in South Carolina can save some big bucks this weekend as the Palmetto State celebrates its annual tax-free weekend.

From great tech savings at places like Best Buy or Staples, to school essentials at Target or Walmart, there are plenty of great deals for parents to pick up everything their children need for another year of school.

The tax-free extravaganza kicks off at midnight Thursday night and runs through Sunday, August 6. So forget about figuring in that six-percent sales tax, because the price you see on the shelf is the price you’ll pay at the register.

“It always struck me as a weekend where you can take advantage of school clothing, school supplies, (or) anything you’re going to need to send your child back to school,” said one shopper.

And those savings are definitely something families across South Carolina families can agree on. According to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, shoppers have saved upwards of $2-3 million the last few years.

Among the biggest sellers on the tax-free weekend are the staples of school supplies: laptops, backpacks, clothing, and even dorm room supplies, such as furniture and sheets. And you better believe those high-dollar graphing calculators necessary for most high schoolers are on the list.

“The kids need them, but you can’t always pop off $100 off the hip like that,” said one parent.

Take the sales tax off and parents are saving $6 on that calculator. A great time of year to hit the stores and save.