YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- West Nile Virus is the latest buzz in York County as kids head back to school.

"All of my friends are talking about it," said Martha Whitesell, a concerned parent. "I've had some conversations with my soccer moms about it and we're worried because our kids are out playing and it's kind of scary."

Parents like Martha Whitesell, who has four children, are scared their kids may get the possibly deadly disease.

"The thought of my kids being sick or in the hospital or just not feeling well is kind of scary," Whitesell said.

York County health officials aren't taking any chances following the confirmation that a person and mosquito were infected with West Nile virus.

"I was like 'uh-oh' because we do have a lot of mosquitoes out there," said Pat Clark, a York County resident.

"It's a little scary because I live within three blocks of three schools," said Jo Kaze, a York County resident.

Bells ring for York County Schools first thing Thursday. Oakdale Elementary, Saluda Trail Middle and South Pointe High School will be sprayed before students roam the halls. Experts recommend dressing for protection, not popularity.

"Lighter clothing doesn't attract them as much as darker clothing," said Dr. Dan Allen. "Longer sleeves and pants would obviously be a better barrier."

Still, some parents are worried the last-minute move by health officials is too little, too late.

"I think we need to be proactive," said Whitesell. "We need to wear bug spray and I think one spray probably isn't enough."