CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As of 7 a.m. Sunday more than 700 pets have found new homes during Clear The Shelters in the Charlotte area.

Pet Paradise and WCNC teamed up with local shelters to waive or reduce adoption fees Saturday as part of a nationwide effort to help pets find families.

After running a weeklong special in addition to Saturday's event, Iredell County Animal Services ended up sending 66 pets to new homes.

A running total of 718 animals were adopted from Saturday's event. In Gaston County 47 pets found a home, 237 in Iredell county, CMPD Animal Care and Control reported 426 and Charlotte Humane Society had 8 pets adopted.

"Look at those empty kennels!! The two remaining kitties are claimed and just waiting to go home after their surgery. Thanks to everyone who helped us #cleartheshelter!!" the shelter posted on Facebook.

Iredell County Animal Services added a new photo.

Iredell County Animal Services told NBC Charlotte from July 27-August 16, nearly 170 pets were adopted from the shelter.

"Today (Saturday), we had 11 cats and 4 dogs get adopted. We also had applications placed on two heartworm positive dogs that go out through an application-based special program. With everyone being claimed, our every kennel is empty or will be empty soon!" the shelter said.

CMPD Animal Care and Control told NBC Charlotte 73 pets went home on Saturday. That's up from 60 in 2018. They also ran a promotion from July 27-August 16 which netted 347 adoptions, up from 321 in 2018.

Gaston County Animal Care and Control had good results on Saturday as well.

"47 Adoptions today!!! Thanks to everyone who helped and adopted a new shelter pet!" the shelter posted on Facebook.

Around noon on Saturday, the Humane Society of Charlotte said its adoption count was at 16.

2019 area participating shelters included CMPD Animal Care and Control, Humane Society of Charlotte, Iredell County Animal Services, Piedmont Animal Rescue, Paws of Piedmont, and Humane Society of York County.

Nationwide, more than 87,000 pets were adopted as of 8:00 p.m. Saturday, according to the Clear The Shelters website. More than 337,000 pets have been adopted across the country since 2015.

In 2018, more than 1,215 cats and dogs were adopted from participating shelters in the Charlotte area.

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