CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department isn't getting additional funding from the county this year, so summertime community services will continue to suffer.

I think the interesting thing is visitation to parks and the recreation centers is up. They just don't have as many to go to and you don't have as many hours as they're open, said Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Director Jim Garges.

Water spray grounds like the one at Nevin Park, which is still open and free, are very attractive for parents during the summer.

There are budget cuts everywhere with schools, sports and now parks and recs, so for parents who don't have much money, especially during the summertime, it's going to be awful, said parent Kimberly Langley.

Cordelia Park's pool, just outside of uptown Charlotte, is one of only two public outdoor pools in Mecklenburg County. Garges says they're lucky that even these two didn't fall victim to budget cuts.

There was some conversation in last year's deliberations about cutting out the outdoor pools for children, which would be serious mistake, said Garges.

The pools cost just $1 for entry.

Other Park and Rec facilities weren't equally spared. Amay James and Greenville recreation centers, as well as programs at First Ward Recreation Center and St. Paul Ray of Hope are closed for good.

All other recreation centers that remain open are now closed on Sunday and have reduced hours on Monday, including nature centers like Latta Plantation, Reedy Park and Nature Center and McDowell Nature Center, which has meant reductions in programs and services.

Until money gets restored to Park and Recreation, you'll see everything provided at a lower level, said Garges.

For a list of summer programs available through the Park and Recreation Department, click here.