PINEVILLE, N.C. – The Department of Labor has cited the Pineville Fire Department with four violations after the death 20-year-oldold firefighter Richard Sheltra.

The department now faces $6100 in fines after Sheltra died from smoke inhalation while fighting a fire back in April.

Now, nearly seven months later, the Pineville Fire Department is facing three “serious” citations from the Department of Labor.

First, for not implementing a specific respiratory protection program.

Second, for not keeping visual or voice contact with Sheltra during the fire.

Third, for not having at least two other firefighters outside to provide assistance.

The fourth citation is for a minor paperwork violation.

Pineville Fire Chief Mike Gerin told NBC Charlotte the investigation is still ongoing.

“We want to take what has been a tragic event and make it better for the fire service,” Gerin said, “Not only in the state of North Carolina, but nationally, as well.”

The Department of Labor says the $6100 dollar fine is, of course, in no way meant to make up for Sheltra’s death.

The Pineville Fire Department has until December 1 to pay or appeal it.

Pineville-Morrow Volunteer Fire Dept Citations by Hank Lee on Scribd