GASTONIA, N.C. -- The Gaston County Police Department is asking homeowners to voluntarily register their home surveillance cameras so investigators can solve crimes quicker.

The department is one of, if not, the first in the Charlotte region to organize such an initiative.

Police Chief Joseph Ramey tells NBC Charlotte the program will map locations throughout the county where a surveillance system is present.

"You could look at the map in relation to where those crimes are occurring," Chief Ramey explained. "This individual has a surveillance system. Let's go knock on their door and have them review it to see if there's anything that might be useful."

Detectives will only use a homeowner's cameras if they volunteer and the department will not be able to remotely access an individual's camera.

Chief Ramey said the package bombings in Austin are a prime example of when a system like a camera registration can be helpful.

For a link to Gaston County Police's CAPTURE program, click here.