CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Church leaders are on alert after a thief targeted four churches in a matter of days.

Right now, police are investigating whether they’re all connected.

The first three crimes happened early Sunday morning at churches along Robinson Church Road.

The one on Tuesday happened across town at Reeder Memorial Baptist Church on Beatties Ford Road. The pastor says the suspect was inside the church for at least an hour. The church’s video surveillance caught him on camera from different angles.

“Making his rounds around the church,” says Pastor Thomas Farrow of Reeder Memorial Baptist Church.

The video surveillance shows a masked man kicking down the pastor’s door. Pastor Farrow also showed NBC Charlotte the kitchen window where the suspect entered.

“I just wish I could have some conversation with this person before they sunk to this level,” said Pastor Farrow.

Pastor Farrow says the video also showed the suspect walking out with his Apple computer. Over the weekend, someone stole several valuable electronics from two other churches. In a third case, the suspect wasn’t able to get inside the church but did cause damage.

“How disgraceful that even churches aren’t immune to this type of criminal behavior,” said Rob Tufano, a spokesman for CMPD.

“That is no way to live your life, period. But to get to a place where you’re taking from mid-size churches, come on,” said Pastor Farrow.