GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A group of young students at the Jeet Kune Do Street Fighting School in Mount Holly learned a different method of self-defense Monday.

“I know there have been a lot of problems with bullying,” Jeet Kune Do School Owner Sifu Ivory said.

Ivory hosted an anti-bullying seminar, teaching kids how to defend themselves against bullies without the use of violence.

“It’s just important to come out," said Keith Ryan, standing alongside his 8-year-old son. "He’s been bullied. I’ve been bullied. I’m sure he’s been a bully at some point. I’ve been a bully at some point."

According to

  • 28 percent of U.S. students grades 6-12 experience bullying
  • 30 percent of U.S. students grades 6-12 admit to bullying others
  • 70 percent of students say they’ve witnessed bullying

“Something that plagues our school system all over the united states, all over the world," said Mount Holly Police Sgt. William Terry. "It’s something the kids need to know about."

Officers went over the various types of bullying from name calling and teasing, to physical and cyberbullying. The children were also taught to not engage in these cases of bullying and to tell an adult immediately.

Police also urged their parents to ask them about school on a daily basis.

“Catch it before they hit a certain age,” said Mount Holly Police Detective Ivory Craig.

Research shows less than 30 percent of students who are bullied reach out to an adult. Persistent bullying can lead to or worsen feelings of isolation, rejection, exclusion, depression and anxiety.

To learn more about risk factors, prevention and more the Mount Holly Police Department urges parents to visit