CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some of the popular places to eat are making the restaurant report card.

Each week, consumer reporter Bill McGinty takes a peek behind the kitchen door through the Mecklenburg County Health Department's inspection reports.

First up, Draught, on South Cedar Street. An employee was seen scooping noodles from the colander to a pan with his bare hands! That employee did the same thing with chicken wings. Multiple items in the cooler, like grilled chicken, salmon, coleslaw, pork and some gravy didn’t have date labels on them.

Dates are important so they know when the food was made! The inspector also saw flies in the kitchen.

Their grade at Draught, a 91.5, which is a low “A”.

Also up this week on the report card is Futo Buta. They too were handling raw chicken with their bare hands. Bare hand contact with your food is never allowed.

One employee working with ready-to-eat food wasn’t wearing his beard net and some of their buckets of soup, pigs feet and broth all being stored on the floor.

Their grade here at Futo Buta, a 91, another low “A”.

Our last place this week is the Treehouse Whiskey and Fork on Sharon Road. They had a food slicer with dried food stuck on it. Some of their cold salmon was not cold enough, it was above 45 degrees. And they had wings and collards that were more than seven days old!

Their grade here? A 90, the lowest possible “A”.

Why does Bill McGinty look at places, even though they have “A” grades? It’s because of violations like the ones he just told you about above.

Even A-rated places can have health violations that can make you sick. You can find the scores and inspection reports of your favorite places inside the WCNC mobile app.