DARE COUNTY, N.C. -- Dozens of Sea turtles were rescued off North Carolina's coast during New Year's weekend. The cold-blooded creatures were in danger of "cold-stunning."

The North Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation Center on Roanoke Island posted to their Facebook page images of the turtles being placed in warm tubs.

When the ocean waters dip below 50 degrees the turtles are at risk of injury and attack from predators as they become lethargic and have trouble eating and may die as a result.

The take takers at the aquarium will treat the 26 new rescues for injuries and illness.

"So when the turtles come in whether they're greens, or kemps... each one seems to have a different preference in food. So, what we'll do is offer them a variety of foods when they first come in. We find some of them will eat anything we offer them, and some of them may be very specific. It could take 2-3 days to find out what they really like." said an unidentified staff member in a Facebook video. "The idea is to get them fatten up and get as much nutrition in them as possible."

The Aquarium says once the turtles are fully healthy and ready, they will be released offshore near the Gulf Stream.