CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Consumer reporter Bill McGinty is scouring the restaurant reports from the health department to tell you what’s going on in the kitchens at the popular eateries in town.

AMC Carolina Pavilion 22 in Pineville

This is the AMC Carolina Pavilion 22 on South Boulevard near 485. They were cited because an employee grabbed the garbage container then with the same hand touched utensils and a hot dog.

The hot dogs were also not hot enough in the hold area, in fact, they were 33 degrees below the necessary 135, and so they all had to be tossed out.

The health inspector also noted their ice transport containers had mold in them, that’s a repeat violation.

Their score was a 90, a very low A.

Beijing Chinese Restaurant near Uptown

Also on South Blvd. near uptown, the Beijing Chinese Restaurant.

They were cited for bare hand contact with noodles, so they were tossed out.

Some of their cold chicken, dumpling, cabbage and some pork that day were all too warm by a few degrees, so they threw it all away. That’s a repeat violation.

Also a repeat violation: fruit flies throughout the place.

Their grade in Beijing was a 91.5, still an A.

Stoke bar, Marriott City Center in Uptown

Our last stop this week is at Stoke inside the Marriott City Center.

They got dinged for not having a date on the cooked chickens, so no one could tell how old it was.

The health inspector noted fruit flies at the bar and some of their utensils were sitting in stagnant water.

Their grade at Stoke this week was a 90, the lowest possible A.