CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular south Charlotte restaurant made it onto the “Report Card” this week -- Ilios Noche, located on Providence road across from Waverly Walk Avenue.

Ilios Noche has a good reputation for both atmosphere and food, but this time, their health inspection score wasn’t very good. Violations here included storing containers of raw chicken and raw lamb in contact with one another. Raw animal foods must be keep separate because of cross contamination concerns, which could make you sick.

Adding to that, some of the raw lamb and chicken were holding at 42 degrees -- the law is 41 degrees. Also, someone was preparing raw rib meat on the same table and right next to vegetables -- another contamination violation.  Their grade here at Ilios Noche is an 87.5, that’s a “B."

For the full health inspection report, click here.

The Boiling Pot and China Go-Go is on Smith Corners. There’s good and bad news here. 

First, the bad -- the inspector noted a lack of control in the kitchen that covers most everything going on in there. They had raw beef, raw chicken, and raw pork, all sitting in the same pan.  And, the staff was using the same slicer for the raw beef and the chicken without cleaning it in between.

Lastly, some of their cold food wasn’t cold enough -- stuff like tofu, chicken, fried rice, cheese, blue crab, crayfish, calamari, mussels, shrimp, and clams. All of it over 45 degrees was tossed out. Their grade on the March 10 inspection? An 80, the lowest “B."  

But it gets better; a few days later, they got a quick re-inspection and improved to a 94, which is an “A." 

The "B" grade inspection can be found here.

For the most recent full health inspection report, click here.

Last up this week, the Chili’s on Rea Road, the one located in Blakeney. They had several soups and potatoes cooling in an ice bath from the night before, but they were still above 41 degrees. That stuff, tossed out. 

They also had undated milk and a pan of cut up lettuce that wasn’t dated either -- that stuff was thrown out too. Also, some of their bowls and food contact surfaces were marked clean, but were visibly dirty. 

This Chili’s location at Blakeney got a 90.5, a very low “A” grade.

For the full health inspection report, click here.

Remember, that letter and number grade should be visible to you when you walk in the front door of any restaurant -- that’s the law.

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