A national report from ESPN going back three years is listing Bank of America Stadium and the Spectrum Center as two of the worst for health violations in terms of food and beverage service.

Consumer Investigative reporter Bill McGinty got to work investigating ESPN’s report and found some discrepancies.

Hundreds of thousands of people come to Bank of America Stadium for football, and the Spectrum Center for basketball and other events. The Spectrum Center is even set to host the NBA All-Star game in February.  

According to ESPN, these two venues are not up to par in terms of their food. But is that really true? Some of the violations they list are three years old, McGinty found.

ESPN cited the Spectrum Center, saying beer was leaking from the ceiling of the frontcourt restaurant and bar. They cited it as a “high-level violation”. But that’s not entirely true. 

Yes, there was beer leaking, but in Mecklenburg County, high-level violations are listed in red each week. This was at the bottom in black, no demerits issued, and the leak was serviced on site. So really, not that big of a deal.

Also at the Spectrum Center, they received a violation for bare handing food. That one checks out from the February 3, 2016 inspection. A bartender used bare hands to pick up a lime for someone’s drink. 

While the violation checks out, the name of the location is actually the Crown Club per the county website report, not the Backcourt Club. 

Levy, the company that manages food service at Spectrum released this statement:

“We work diligently with the Mecklenburg County health department and employ third-party sanitation experts to ensure a safe environment for our guests. Any time a concern is identified, we immediately correct it and welcome the health department to return to confirm that we are in full compliance.”

When searching violations, the names, dates, and addresses do matter. Over at Bank of America Stadium, you have to search by address -- 800 South Mint, Charlotte.

ESPN noted moldy cream cheese and out of date deli turkey. That checked out in the main kitchen of the stadium and yes, it is a red violation. Also noted in the September 14, 2016 inspection at the stadium, blood was dripping from raw beef to shelves below -- a red violation. The beef was re-wrapped and moved lower.

It’s worth noting, all of these inspection reports pulled were “A” grades, most being mid to high-level A’s at that. So, are these places any worse than any other restaurant in town?

McGinty looks at hundreds of these reports a year, and he'd say they’re not any worse, and the facts bear that out -- at least locally, anyway.