Tonight, an Italian restaurant in Ballantyne makes the restaurant report card, along with a Charlotte favorite in South End.

Consumer Reporter Michelle Boudin is researching the violations behind the grades you see when you walk in to eat. The grade should be posted in plain view when you walk in, if not, ask to see it, and if it’s lower than a 95, you might want to check their inspection report to see why the grade is what it is.

Libretto’s Pizzeria in Ballantyne

Alright, let’s get rolling into this report which has a lot of red. And red means critical food safety violations.

The inspector here saw one employee touch the garbage can, and then go right back to touching food without washing their hands.

There was debris in the ice machine, and the pasta sauce that was made the day before was still above 45 degrees. That can make you sick.

Libretto’s got an 85.5, that’s a mid-level B grade.

You can read their full list of violations here.

Open Kitchen near Uptown

Next up, the Open Kitchen near Uptown. The report says their clean silverware was still dirty, and there were fruit flies in the sitting area.

Their sinks, toilets and urinals weren’t up to par either,. The inspector noted things were in need of a general cleaning.

Their grade at open kitchen: an 83.5, a B and they are the lowest of the week.

You can read their full list of violations here.

Monsoon Thai Cuisine on South Boulevard

Last up, Monsoon Thai Cuisine on South Blvd near South End.

They were dinged for an employee handling raw meat, then wiping his gloved hand on a cloth.

Also, some of their Tofu was being stored inside the back hand sink, and there was a dead roach visible on the kitchen floor.

Their grade: An 85, another mid-level B.

You can read their full list of violations here.

Sometimes we get questioned as to why we highlight a grade in this report. We do it because sometimes the violations are noteworthy. It’s why we link to you the health reports inside our WCNC mobile app, so you can check your favorite place to eat before you order.