CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you have plans to dine out this weekend, you'll want to check the health scores of any restaurants you're thinking about eating at. 

This week's Restaurant Report Card has several easily avoidable violations, including handwashing and food storage. 

First up is the Hibachi Buffet and Grill on East Independence Boulevard. Someone there was handling raw chicken and ready-to-eat food and the inspector noticed they weren't washing their hands in between. Another employee was using bare hands to mix up the egg roll filling and they were thawing out crab and shrimp under lukewarm water; during warmer months, that has to happen in a fridge overnight. 

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Their grade was an 88.5, that's a B. Click here to view their inspection report

Next up is La Romero Taqueria and Juice Bar on South Boulevard. They were storing raw shrimp in with ready-to-eat mayonnaise and salsa. They also had meat slicers and cooking utensils marked clean but still had food stuck on them. And some of their cold food, which is supposed to be kept below 41 degrees at all times, was too warm. Some of the salsas were almost 10 degrees too warm. 

Their grade? An 82, a lower end B. Click here to view their inspection report.

Last up is Mr. C's Soul Food on North Tryon Street. There were flies buzzing around the kitchen and they were storing raw eggs on top of cucumbers. All raw foods must be kept separate. And some of their food in the cooler was actually on the ground. The law says it must be six inches above the floor. 

Their grade? An 86, that's a mid-level B for Mr. C's. Click here to view their inspection report

It's easy to search health inspection grades yourself. Just click the link inside the NBC Charlotte app