CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Going out to eat this weekend? 

Some popular places are on the Restaurant Report Card this week, including a burger joint in Ballantyne.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar on John J. Delaney is a popular spot. For the last few years, it had straight As, but this week, they slipped to a B. For starters, their dishwashing machine wasn’t working right because the sanitizer cleaner read zero. 

As for the food, the cold food was getting too warm. They had to toss out things like boiled eggs, cheeses, cole slaw, feta cheese, and three pans of marinated chicken. 

The inspector also noted a lot of gnats in the kitchen. Their grade this time around was 88.5; that’s a B.

Next up is Yoshi’s Grill in Huntersville. The person in charge was unable to recognize four of the five foodborne illnesses; that’s a problem. 

Another employee was seen scratching their hat but didn’t wash hands after. Their grade was 85; that’s also a B.

Last up this week is a Jersey Mike’s location on Oak Lake Blvd. An employee was seen taking orders then moving on to the next task without washing their hands. Good hygiene helps keep your food safe to eat. 

They had roast beef that had been cooked the night before which was still 51 degrees and not the required 41 degrees, so it was tossed out. 

They, too, had a lot of bugs in the kitchen; fruit flies were the issue. Their grade was 86.5, also a B.

Remember, that health grade should be front and center when you walk in the door of a restaurant. If it’s below a 95, you might want to check the violations.

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