CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It's always a good idea to check the health inspection violations at any restaurant you're thinking about going to, especially if they have critical violations. 

Those critical violations are always listed in red and are the ones that can make you sick. Inspections are done two or three times a year and their inspection grade should always be front and center when you walk in, no matter what county you're in. 

There are three popular places on this week's restaurant report, including a busy spot in SouthPark. 

First up is a spot called Zada Jane's on Central Avenue. The inspector noted an overall inadequate control over date marking, cold holding and cooling procedures. Their reach-in coolers weren't working well enough to keep food at 41 degrees or below, so everything was thrown away. That was a repeat violation, by the way. 

As for their other foods, the black eye pea salad was eight days old. That's too old, so it was thrown in the trash. 

The grade at Zada Jane's was a 90.5, that's a low A. Click here to view their full inspection report

Next up is Zoës Kitchen on Fairview in South Park. Washing your hands with warm or hot water is usually a good thing, but in here, their men's and women's restrooms were dispensing water at 128 and 117 degrees. It needs to be down near 100 to prevent issues with scalding. 

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As for the cleanliness of the place, their ice machine had a layer of slime inside. The inspector told them to clean it more often. 

The grade at Zoës was a 90, that's a low A. Click here to view their full inspection report

Last up this week is the Tortilleria on Eastway Drive. They had multiple employees not washing their hands correctly and none of their packaged foods in the display case were marked. 

Their grade was an 87.5, that's a B. Click here to view the full inspection report