Jason's Deli

We begin tonight here at the Epicentre, where the “Jason’s deli” location was graded a mid-range “B.” It’s one of the lowest scores this week.

“Jason’s Deli” here in uptown had several repeat violations, according to food safety inspectors. Including two coolers that weren’t keeping food cold.

They lost points for salad tongs that had dried lettuce on them.

And they were cleaning the food slicer with a chemical that labeled “poisonous if ingested.”

Jason’s deli earned an 84, which is a solid “B.”

Carabbas Italian Grill

Up next, “Carrabbas Italian Grill,” here in Matthews. Inspectors noticed several flies and two roaches in the building.

They found the women’s restroom in the back was missing a toilet lid.

And they discovered a peeler, covered with build-up, being stored in a container of bread.

This “Carrabbas” scored an 87.5, which is also a “B.”

Buffalo Wings and Rings

The “Buffalo Wings and Rings” near Ballantyne had flies in the kitchen and splatter on the walls. Inspectors observed eggs and pork dated nine days earlier.

And they watched an employee wearing gloves touching his ear and reaching in his pocket, then proceeding with food preparation.

When all the demerits were tallied, this restaurant got a 91.5, which is a low “A.”

Remember, if a restaurant earns less than a 95, you may want to check its violations to see exactly what’s going on behind the kitchen doors.