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Roaches, employee 'bare-handing' food lead to poor health score at Charlotte deli

The inspector said the roaches were crawling around the ice machine and this place has a history of poor inspections.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you're making some last-minute Valentine's Day dinner reservations or plans, you always want to make sure your restaurant of choice has a great health inspection score. 

This week's restaurant report has some of the usual violations that could make people sick, including hand-washing. 

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First up is the highest grade, Mickey and Mooch-The Other Joint on Providence Road. Their last inspection wasn't terrible but there were some noteworthy violations. They had multiple plates and food strainers that were marked clean but were still dirty. They had some ribs in the prep unit that should have been cold, but were at 47 degrees. They also had whipped cream and stuffed olives with cheese that were too warm. All that food was thrown in the trash. 

The grade at Mickey and Mooch was a 91, that's a lower A. Click here to view their full inspection report

Next up is the Los Reyes Supermarket No. 4 on Central Avenue. They had an employee bare-handing tortillas and they had live roaches running around near the ice machine. This was not a good inspection and it's worth noting their last three inspections have been Cs. 

Their grade at Los Reyes was a 75.5, their most recent C. Click here for the full inspection report

Last up this week is the Cook Out at 425 Huntersville Gateway Boulevard. They had some problems in this inspection. For example, food employees came to work and didn't wash their hands before putting gloves on, essentially contaminating the gloves they used to prep food. They also had some black buildup on both of their ice chutes. 

The grade at this Cook Out was an 88, that's a B. Click here for the full inspection report


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