CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Going out to eat this weekend, or maybe stopping for lunch tomorrow? Every Thursday, we highlight what’s happening in some of your favorite lunch and dinner spots.

On the restaurant report card list this week, the Fuel pizza at 4267 Park road.

The health department noted there was some type of a black debris build up inside the ice machine. Some of their marinara sauce was still too warm, even though it had been in the fridge from the night before, so they threw it out. And the inspector saw a heavy buildup of debris on the floor and walls of the walk in cooler.

Their score? A 90, the lowest possible A.

Also on the list this week, the Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, the one on East Blvd.

An employee there was stating a task without washing hands, and some of their brie, cheddar, and lettuce was too warm, it had to be thrown out. Bad daddy’s was also storing pickles in a bucket on the floor.

Their score, a 90, the lowest possible A.

Last up this week, Muscles Sports Bar and Grill.

Lots of food safety issues here, like several coolers not working and not cooling foods at safe temperatures. There was moldy cheese and moldy cherry tomatoes that had to be tossed and some raw chicken, raw shrimp, and raw fish was all too warm, it too was all thrown out.

Their score here, and 84.5, a mid-level B.