CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ink – N – Ivy is a popular restaurant in Uptown, just a few blocks from BB&T Ballpark.

Their health inspection score plunged from a low “A” to a “C”.

The Inspector noted, “Observed overall lack of control in the kitchen and bar areas as evidenced by bare hand contact of ready to eat foods, cold holding issues, dish issues, date marking issues, and food and utensil storage.”

The violations that are deemed critical are always listed in red when you check the scores. Here is another one saying “Observed bartenders repeatedly bus eating areas/cups/plates/utensils and then load and unload dishwashers with no hand wash. Observed employee handle money and bus customer eating area and then directly move to bare handing fruit into a drink.” Hand washing is a big deal, dirty hands equals dirty food and that can make you sick.

The other big thing that can make you sick is food served too cool, or when it’s stored, not being cold enough. The inspector noted these foods and these temperatures writing “Observed several items on the line above 45F including but not limited to pastas, romaine, and lobster meat. Observed all but 3 items in walk-in cooler above 41F. Observed all units except grill finishing prep top, grill drawers, and dairy reach in holding some or all foods above 41F.”

Perhaps the worst violation in a patron’s mind is this, dead roaches. The inspector wrote in the report “Observed many dead cockroaches in liquor room.”

Ink-N-Ivy has been featured many times on the restaurant report card, in fact, we listed them here because of their score a few weeks ago.