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Moldy chicken found during health inspection at Charlotte restaurant

Things were so bad, the inspector had to show employees how to actually wash their hands before serving food.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you're thinking about going out for dinner this weekend, you'll want to take a look at the health inspection reports for restaurants you're considering. 

Some of the violations this week might not just turn your stomach, they'll make you very sick. 

First up this week is the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant on Sunset Road. There were a lot of problems during their inspection. For one thing, there were hand-washing problems, so much so that the inspector had to show some employees how to wash their hands properly. Seriously! 

On that same note, some employees weren't wearing gloves and were handling food with their bare hands, including cooked noodles and broccoli. Those items were tossed out. This place also had moldy chicken for sale. 

Their grade at Pagoda was an 81.5, that's a low B. Click here for their full inspection report

Next is the Anzi Pizzeria and Pasta on Ardrey Kell in Ballantyne. They had containers of blue cheese and ranch that were labeled "rerigerate after opening" being stored at 50 degrees. Those items are supposed to be kept 41 degrees or cooler. Also, they had their dumpster open and trash pilling up next to it. That can attract rats, mice and other animals looking for a free meal. 

Their grade at Anzi was a 90, that's a very low A. Click here for their full inspection report

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Last up is the Bankers Raw Bar on West Woodlawn Road. Some of their hot food, which was declared hot, was way too cold. It's supposed to be at 165 degrees, they were keeping it at 104. And their cold chili and raw beef, which is supposed to be below 41 degrees, was slightly higher between 42 and 44. Cold hold violations is a repeat problem here. 

Their grade at Bankers is an 88.5, which is a B. Click here for their full inspection report.

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