CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When NBC Charlotte looks at restaurant reports, we’ve discovered a big difference between what makes up a high a grade versus a low “A” grade, and it’s something you should know about.

The violations listed in red are the ones deemed “critical”. 

Believe it or not, that inspection got an “A” grade.

This is the inspection report for a place called the Packhouse, address listed as 500 East Morehead in uptown Charlotte.

The red is not good, things like quiche and sandwiches sitting on the cook line at 47 and 50 degrees, they’re supposed to be under 41. Some cream cheese and some roast beef were undated and the chicken salad that was dated was dated April 22 which is 10 days old. The old chicken salad was thrown out. The inspector noted that a lot of the kitchen equipment was dirty. 

Their grade here at the Packhouse? A 90.5, a low “A”.

Next up, we’re in Dilworth at The Manchester. The inspector noted, “out of control foodborne illness risk factors”. Things like cold holding temperatures, proper hygiene, improper date marking, bare hand contact, and the list goes on.

They were also storing a lot of their ready-to-eat foods in with raw foods. Raw chicken shouldn’t be anywhere near ready-to-eat lobster. 

Their grade here at The Manchester? An 82, a lower end “B”.

Also on this week's report, Subway at the Promenade, at 4-85 and Providence Road. The only employee present during the inspection had no food safety certification, no managerial control, and also no knowledge of procedures. The person in charge showed up 30 min after the inspection started.

The inspector also noted the place was dirty yet they were beginning their day. The manager told the inspector that he hasn’t been happy with the closing crew’s cleaning for six months. 

Despite this rough inspection, this Subway still pulled off an “A” grade, a 90, the lowest “A”, but still an “A”.

We make it easy for you to check the grades, if you have the WCNC app, the link is inside.

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