CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On this week's Restaurant Report Card, we start with Big Al's Pub and Grubberia on Albemarle Road. 

Their cold hold was out of control for consecutive inspections without a long term solution, and they didn't even have a thermometer to make sure temps were correct.

They had ready-to-eat sauce stored in standing water in the cooler, and there was build up on the dish racks.  

The grade at Big Al's? An 89, the highest B.

Next up is the American Deli on Wilkinson Blvd. Neither the manager or the owner was there for the inspection. No one was in charge, and no one showed up until late in the inspection.  

They also had handwashing violations. People were touching raw food then ready-to-eat food without washing their hands.

Others showed up for work and never washed their hands before starting their shift.  

The grade at American Deli? An 86, which is a B.

Last up this week is Curry n Cake on East Arbors Dr. They had rice from the night before that didn't cool, so it was tossed out. 

They also had five containers of biryani rice from three days ago that wasn't date marked. It, too, was tossed. 

Plus, they had peeled onions being stored on the floor.  

The grade at Curry n Cake? An 86, which is a B.


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