CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A popular morning bagel shop is on the Restaurant Report Card this week.

Each week, consumer reporter Bill McGinty combs through the restaurant inspection reports to show you what’s going on in the kitchens of the Queen City.

This week, McGinty noticed the Original NY Bagels in Huntersville is on the list. The restaurant popped a 90.5 which is a very low 'A'.

During the last inspection, the health inspector had to teach someone how to properly wash their hands, because the person wasn’t using the soap the right way.

There were also dirty paper towels at the end of the deli meat container. The same inspector noticed multiple dead roaches in the kitchen under the equipment.

Next up, the Hibachi Express on North Tryon. Some of their ready to eat food had no date markings. Plus, some of their containers of food were on the floor, and one employee was making food without a hair net. Their grade here, also a 90.5, a low 'A'.

The lowest score of the week goes to Levant Mediterranean Cuisine at 501 South Church. They got dinged three demerits for having greasy dishes and for just dipping dishes into the sanitizer to clean them.

Some of their turnips and feta was undated, and the blades on one of their food processors were rusty. The other wasn’t much better, it had cracked blades with food stuck. Their grade was an 87, a 'B'.

Remember, a health inspector once told McGinty, she doesn’t eat at places below a 90. McGinty said if it’s below a 95, he's checking into the violations.