CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A very popular chain restaurant is on this week’s restaurant report card.

The Outback Steakhouse located on Independence Boulevard in Matthews is almost always crowded on the weekends. Which is why NBC Charlotte was surprised to see their grade in October was 89, which is good enough for a B score.

The inspector noticed pans that were dirty but were sitting in the clean rack. Over on the salad station, everything was too warm because all of the ice underneath had melted. The tomatoes, blue cheese, chopped eggs, and cheese all had to be tossed out as a result.

The inspector also noticed the place was dirty and in need of a good cleaning and some sort of bug was spotted behind an ice machine. It might have been a roach, but they weren’t sure. Click here to read Outback’s full health inspection result.

Stoke is a popular spot inside the Marriott in uptown. In August, they scored a 90. On their latest report, Stoke again scored 90. On this latest go around, an employee washed his hands but then dried them on a dirty rag. There were fruit flies at the bar and in the kitchen, which was a repeat violation. And employees weren’t wearing hair nets while preparing food. Click here to read Stoke’s complete health inspection.

Last up this week is Pho Ngon in Ayrsley. An employee was spotted washing cilantro with his bare hands and the raw chicken was being stored above cooked pork — a repeat violation and a big no-no. And finally, their food cooling procedures were called into question. Their grade was an 86, that’s a mid-level B. Click here to read Pho Ngon’s complete health inspection report.