CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A sushi restaurant, an upscale Italian eatery, and a popular salad shop on this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Masa Sushi - Steele Creek

The whole front part of Masa’s inspection report is red, those mean critical food safety violations.

They lost points on basics, like hand washing. One employee didn’t even use soap, this is a repeat violation.

On the subject of hands, an employee was using bare hands to cut veggies, a big no-no as bare hand contact with your food is NOT allowed ever.

The grossest violation here? Someone covered the cooked chicken with their apron. That food was thrown out.

Their score here: An 86.5. That's a mid B.

Maggiano's - SouthPark Mall

The SouthPark Mall’s, Maggiano's is being featured yet again for their grade.

The popular Italian restaurant was dinged for having dirty pans marked as clean.

Some of their food was not being temperature regulated, meaning it should have been colder but wasn’t. That food was tossed out.

Other food items didn’t have dates on them, so no one knew how fresh they were. The diced tomatoes, cooked chicken, some eggs, some milk, some pot roast, some pasta, sliced cheese, some shrimp bruschetta and some cooked sausage all were tossed out.

Their grade: a 90, which is an A, but just barely.

Chopt - Park Road

Last up this week, a popular salad place called “Chopt Creative Salad” on park road.

They had debris build up on their containers and slicer.

Their cold chicken on the front line was too warm and some of their food was past the discard date. That food was tossed out.

This Chopt location started last year at this time with a 97. Each inspection since has been lower than the last.

The most recent grade: a 90. Still an A, but just barely.