CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A very popular restaurant chain is on this week’s Restaurant Report Card.

For the second week in a row, a Matthews restaurant near the intersection of Highway 51 and Independence Boulevard is on the list.

At the Texas Roadhouse, the health inspector saw dirty containers that were marked as “clean.” The ice machine had a buildup on the inside, and the shrimp wasn’t fully cooked and was required to go back on the grill. The grade at Texas Roadhouse was a 90.5, a very low “A.” Click here to see Texas Roadhouse's full inspection.

Next up, the Godavari Truly South Indian on University Center Boulevard. They claim on their website that they’re the best south Indian restaurant in Charlotte; however, their recent grade puts them well below the best.

Earlier this summer, they were also featured on the report with a 72, a low “C.” This time around, there were some critical health violations, including raw fish being stored above the desserts in the cooler. The inspector noticed a black buildup in the ice machine and four containers of rice that had been cooked the day before wasn’t cooled fast enough and had to be tossed out. One of those containers was thrown out, but the inspector found the other three hidden behind a door of a storage room to be used later.

The inspector told them to dump it, which they did. Their grade this time around? A 75, which is a mid-level “C.” If a grade falls below 70, the place is shut down until everything is fixed, in accordance with Mecklenburg County regulations. Click here to see Godavari's full inspection report.

Last up this week is Las Meras Tortas on Farm Pond Lane in east Charlotte. No food protection manager was on site — which is required. Some of their chicken and ribs cooked the night before hadn’t cooled fast enough, so all of it had to be thrown out. Their meatballs, pork, beef, and refried beans in the steam line weren’t hot enough. Their grade? An 85.5, a mid-level “B.” Click here to see Las Meras Tortas's full inspection report.