CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you're heading out to a restaurant during your Christmas holidays, be sure to check the scores and inspection reports.

Each week, consumer reporter Bill McGinty takes a peek behind the kitchen door through the Mecklenburg County Health Department's inspection reports.

First up this week, Duckworth's Grill and Taphouse on Park Road. They had ham with no date label potatoes were made the night before, and likewise did not have a date. Everything has to have a date marked, the health department says.

Duckworth's scored a 90, a low A.

Next up, Newk's Eatery on North Tryon Street. They have hand-washing issues. Some of their tuna wasn't cooled fast enough and 50 percent of the food employees were not wearing hairnets.

Newk's scored an 83, a low B.

Harper's Restaurant at Carolina Place Mall makes the third restaurant on the list. Some of their penne pasta didn't cool fast enough. There were fruit flies in the kitchen and different parts of the place needed a good cleaning.

Harper's scored a 90.5, a low A.