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Restaurant Report Card: Bill visits lowest-graded kitchen in county

One restaurant scored a 72 prior to a recent reinspection.

Scored filed by Mecklenburg County Health Department for the week ending June 6. Scores are in percentages; date of inspection in parentheses.

Top 3

The Blossoming Kitchen. Grade 100. 9545 Pinnacle Dr. (June 8)

Bistro Express. Grade 100. 1918 Randolph Rd. (June 8)

Smoothie King. Grade 99.5. 9605 N. Tryon St. (June 8)

Bottom 3

Godavari Truly South Indian. Grade 72. 520 University Center Blvd. Infractions include: Observed many pans of raw chicken and marinated tandoori chicken over multiple buckets of cooked sauces. (June 7)

Golden Taipei Restaurant. Grade 81.5. 8511 Davis Pkwy. Infractions include: Cooked noodles stored under raw chicken. (June 12)

Las Meras Tortas. Grade 82. 14601 Statesville Rd. Infractions include: Large amounts of employee drinks stored throughout the kitchen such as on shelf above prep tables while employee was actively prepping food. (June 8)


Godavari Truly South Indian. Grade 91. (June 20)

The Fresh Market Deli. Grade 92. 1408 East Blvd. (June 9)

La Michocana. Grade 94. 6300 South Blvd. (June 7)

Love Sushi. Grade 95. 8662 J W Clay Blvd. (June 8)

Thai Taste Matthews. Grade 92.5. 131 Matthews St. (June 9)

Tops China. Grade 90. 2127 Beatties Ford Rd. (June 7)