CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular restaurant in the heart of uptown made the Restaurant Report Card this week.

But we begin in south Charlotte at Pizza Hut on John J. Delaney in Ballantyne, where the inspector noted utensils being stored in the clean drawer had food debris and some sort of sticky residue on them. 

There were also issues with keeping food cold because the cooler wasn’t working right; everything in it was too warm. Lastly, the inspector said the place was basically dirty; he noted that a detailed cleaning was in need throughout the place. The grade at Pizza Hut? A 90.5, which is a low A.

In Huntersville at Bob Evans on North Cross Drive, an employee left the food line, went somewhere, then came back and began to prepare food but didn’t wash hands. There were also sliced tomatoes, sausage crumbles, cantaloupe and other mixed fruit that was all too warm. The grade at Bob Evans? A 90, which is a low A.

Now to uptown where La Belle Helene received our lowest score of the week. Some of the seafood like mussels didn’t have the proper records and tags. There was also raw salmon stored with ready-to-eat peppers; that's a big no-no. 

Plus, there was cooked squash, roasted garlic, some mayo, and Canadian bacon that wasn’t dated. That stuff was tossed out. The grade at La Belle Helene? An 88; that's a B.

Remember, you can always check these grades on the go with our WCNC mobile app. That grade should be front and center when you walk in a restaurant. If you don’t see it, ask why. I do.

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