CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A popular lunchtime spot in Pineville made this week’s restaurant report card with a B grade.

The nine prior inspections at Jason’s Deli on Centrum Parkway have been A’s, but fairly low A’s, a far cry from the high A’s in 2013 and 2014. This week, the restaurant has fallen to an 88, which is a B.

So, what’s going on?

For one thing, their cleaning of silverware and dishes was called into question because the dish machine wasn’t providing enough chlorine and sanitizer. That is a repeat violation. Some of their cut lettuce was too warm, which was another repeat violation. Their food cooler didn’t seem to be working and the operator wasn’t sure when it stopped working properly. Also, their sewer outside the back door was bubbling up with waste.

Click here to read the full health inspection results for Jason's Deli.

Los Paisas, located at 8318 Pineville-Matthews Road was also on the list this week. An inspector saw an employee washing gloves, not hands. And raw meat was seen stored on top of a package of corn. There was also raw meat thawing in standing water in a prep sink where cooked foods were cooling. The restaurant’s dishwasher system was called into question, too. The inspector noted not enough chlorine was being used.

Their score? An 87, a B, the lowest of the three featured establishments this week. Click here to read the full health inspection results for Los Paisas.

And last up, Sithara on North Tryon Street. Some of their bags of dry food were sitting open and there was food debris on plates that were supposed to be clean. Also, the inspector found wastewater was backing up from floor drains. Their score? A 90, the lowest possible A grade.

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