CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular high end steakhouse made this week's restaurant report card due to their low score.

Morton’s The Steakhouse boasts that they serve up the best steak anywhere. The chain prides itself on reputation, which is why we were surprised at their latest health grade.

The violations at Morton’s are hair-raising, and there are enough of them to warrant a 90, the lowest possible 'A.' Given their prices and reputation, that’s surprising. They had a hand washing violation and didn’t have documentation from their seafood vendor that the salmon was free of live parasites. Morton’s also had issues with food cooling rates, and a lot of repeat violations. Their grade again, a 90, the lowest 'A.'

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Also getting a low end 'A' grade this week is Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q on Steele Creek Road. Multiple employees, when asked, didn’t know all five reportable symptoms of food borne illness. Employees were also using their aprons to wipe their hands instead of washing their hands. As for the food, three containers of coleslaw and two pans of deviled eggs should have been cold, but were instead too warm. That food was tossed out. Their grade here, a 90, the lowest 'A.'

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Last up this week and our lowest, Pudina at 128 Brevard. They were storing noodles on the floor and had hand washing violations. They had issues with how they dated their food in addition to a host of other violations. This inspection at Pudina went so poorly that the health inspector said there was a lack of control in the kitchen and noted concern over the overall cleanliness of the facility. I don’t see notes like that very often, which might explain why Pudina got a 74.5 this week, a mid-level 'C' grade.

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Because of violations like these, Bill McGinty cautions consumers not to just look at the grade. Low 'A' grades can have problems too, so check violations below a 95.

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