CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some uptown hot spots are being featured in this week's restaurant report card.

Each week, NBC Charlotte combs through the health department violation reports to bring you what you need to know before your order off the menu.

A frequent flyer made the report card again. Rock Bottom Brewery was just featured last month. This time, the health inspector noted the tongs, scoops and some containers had food debris on them but were marked clean.

The soda machines had debris around the nozzles, and the ice machine likewise had a black build up right where the ice pops out. As for the food, the mashed potatoes were too cold and were thrown out. Their grade: 86.5, a B.

Click here for the full inspection report.

Ink-n-Ivy, also in uptown, made this week's report card. Employees weren't using gloves to handle cut lettuce. Bare hand contact with your food is not allowed. Who knows where their hands have been? That's why gloves are mandatory in Mecklenburg County.

The ice machine also had a pink and black build up on the ice chute; it was even on the walls in the kitchen, too. That's a repeat violation. Also, some of their cold items like goat cheese, salsa, chickpeas, and carrot hummus were all too warm. Their grade: 87, a B.

Click here for the full inspection report.

Last up this week is Trade Restaurant and Bar which is inside the Omni. Someone was also bare handing food; that item was tossed out. Their pimiento cheese, egg yolk, and deviled egg mix were way out of date; they had to be thrown out. There were missing ceiling tiles in the kitchen. Their grade: 86, a B.

Click here for the full inspection report.