CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A popular hang out in Dilworth have made the second week in October's Restaurant Card.

Every week NBC Charlotte Anchor Bill McGinty combs through the food inspection reports looking for the information you need to know.

The Dilworth Neighborhood Grill is making the Restaurant Report Card. They’re located at 911 East Morehead Street. The restaurant received a grade of an 85, which is a mid-level "B" grade. So, what's going on in the kitchen? Click here to see Dilworth Neighborhood Grill's full report.

What is one of the most common kitchen violations has made it into the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill's kitchen as well. That violation is employees not washing their hands properly.

There are strict rules about where and how often you have to wash your hands if you work in food service. Even before putting gloves on employees are supposed to wash their hands, but didn’t this time.

According to the report, one employee was handling raw chicken and with the same gloved hand was holding ready to eat chicken. Additionally, there was a black build up on the bar ice machine and fruit flies were abundant.

Next up, Sports One Charlotte, a popular sports bar and lounge located at 521 N. College Street in Charlotte.

Their cooked onions, some lettuce and the spring mix was all too warm, by almost 15 degrees. Regulations from the Mecklenburg County Health Department require it to be chilled below 45 per regulations from the Mecklenburg County Health Department. Click here to read Sports One Charlotte's full report.

Some of their cabbage, milk, coleslaw and cooked wings didn’t have dates on them. That’s a must do, so you know when to throw it out. On top of that, an inspector said they spotted a roach near the ice machine. Their grade? A 91.5, a low "A."

Finally, Charley’s Philly Steaks located at 11025 Carolina Place Parkway.

According to reports, an employee was handling raw meat and then without switching gloves or washing, handled the bread. Some of their cold sausage and chilled tater tots were too warm. Per county regulation, they had to be below 45 degrees and weren’t. Plus, there was evidence of roaches. Their grade here? An 88, a higher end “B”. Click here to read Charley's Philly Steaks' full report.