If your weekend plans involve dinner or lunch out, you'll want to check the health inspection reports for any restaurants you visit. 

This week's restaurant report card has two B's and an A, but it's the violations that matter, not just the letter grade.

First up is Luna's Living Kitchen on South Bouelvard. The inspector saw an employee come out of the restroom and go straight to making food. They were told they had to wash their hands. Do you really have to tell someone in the food industry they must wash their hands?

They also had cooked sweet potatoes and black beans that weren't hot enough, and on the flip side, their cold holds weren't cool enough. The ambient temperature was 50 degrees, not 41 or below, so a lot of food was thrown out. 

Their grade at Luna's? An 86, that's a B.

Next up is the Hyatt Place Charlotte by the airport. They didn't have a certified food protection manager and there weren't any paper towels at the hand sink. Their napkins weren't sufficient and they had processed sausage links, patties and pulled pork that didn't have a date on them. All of it was tossed out. 

Their grade? An 88, that's a B

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The final spot on this week's report is the Seafood Connection. Their fried fish wasn't hot enough, so some of it was thrown away. On the flip side, their oysters, crab legs, cut sausage and coleslaw were all too warm, so they were thrown out, too. 

Their grade? A 90, that's a low A

If you have a problem in a restaurant or if you think your food made you sick, you should always report those issues to the Health Department.