CHARLOTTE, N.C. – This week's Restaurant Report Card includes two south Charlotte restaurants and a Mexican diner in east Charlotte.

Jimmy John's is a popular spot for high-end sandwiches, but their location on Pineville-Matthews Road near Carolina Place had some issues this week.

They had food temperatures issues at this location. The inspector found some turkey, salami, lettuce and tomatoes holding above 45 degrees, which meant it had to be thrown out. The inspector also saw a baking sheet with bread on it being stored on top of a garbage can. The bread was relocated but wasn't thrown out, and finally, an employee was seen eating over the food prep area, which is a no-no.

Jimmy John's received a 92, a low “A” grade. Click here to read Jimmy John's full inspection report.

Next up is El Paisano on Albemarle Road. The inspector saw both live and dead pests in the restaurant. Part of the ceiling was falling in and baseboards were missing. And, someone's cologne was being stored over the clean dishes – the first time NBC Charlotte saw that in a report – and it certainly doesn't pass the “smell test.”

El Paisano received a 90.5, which is a low “A” grade. Click here to read El Paisano's full inspection report.

The lowest score of the week goes to the Mr. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant on Pineville-Matthews Road. An employee was seen touching the garbage can and not washing their hands afterward. Some of their container lids were marked clean but the inspector found dried stuck-on food debris on them. Also, some of their sauces were being kept right on the floor.

The grade at Mr. Tokyo? An 87.5, which is a “B.” Click here to read Mr. Tokyo's full inspection report.