Charlotte, NC -- Going out to eat this weekend, or maybe stopping for lunch tomorrow? Every Thursday ,we highlight what’s happening in some of your favorite lunch and dinner spots.

Tonight, two popular chains are making the restaurant report card.

Shoney's on North Tryon

First up tonight, a Shoney’s, the one at 8531 North Tryon.

The Health Inspector saw an employee touching lemons with his bare hands, the lemons, had to be tossed out. Bare-hand contact with your food is a big no-no.

This has already been re-inspected and the grade is now a 94.5.

The sausage and chicken out on the buffet weren’t hot enough, they too had to be thrown out. On the flip side, the hard boiled eggs, some cheese and the cantaloupe were to warm, likewise they were tossed out too.

Their score at Shoney’s? An 86.5, that’s a mid B.

The full report with all of Shoney's violations can be found here.

Captain D's on North Sharon Amity

The captain D’s on North Sharon Amity has some issues too. Some salmon wasn’t cooked properly and didn’t get hot enough, so they had to throw it out.

Some of their boxed food was being stored on the floor, that’s not allowed and there was a dirty knife being stored between the microwave and a shelf.

The good captain received a 90.5, a very low “A” grade.

The full report with all of Captain D's violations can be found here.

Bangkok Ochoa on Carmel

Finally the Bangkok Ochoa at Carmel and Pineville Matthews Road.

They too were storing food on the floor, and the place was dirty, the health department noting there was dust and debris though out.

There were also six containers of toxic substances that weren’t labeled.

Their score? And 86, a mid-level “B” grade.

The full report with all of Captain D's violations can be found here.

The Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark also made the report card this week. Their restaurant inside received a score of 90, the lowest possible “A”. Some of their goat cheese, salmon, and ham was opened but not dated.

The full report with all of the Renaissance's violations can be found here.