CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An upscale Uptown restaurant makes the Restaurant Report Card this week for warm raw seafood. Two other lunch eateries also had major violations.

McCormick & Schmicks - Uptown

Personally, I've eaten here twice before. The experience was good. But seeing so many critical violations listed in red is a bit concerning.

The upscale restaurant was storing raw meats above the ham, fruit, and other ready-to-eat foods. That's a 'no-no.' They have to be separated.

Some of their cooked food had no date markings on them. It has to be served within 24 hours. The cooked lobster, stuffed mushrooms, and boiled eggs, as well as other items, had no dates on them either.

Also concerning, shrimp was thawing in the prep sink and was clocked at 85 degrees. It was moved to a cooler, but not thrown out.

Again, their score: a 91. A low A.

Wild Wing Cafe - University area

They had raw bacon stored in the with the cooked bacon, they had a black and pink build up in their ice machine, and there were drain flies all over the kitchen and the dining room.

Their grade here this week at this location: an 82,. That’s a low B.

New Century Oriental Deli - N. Tryon

Last but not least, the New Century Oriental Deli at 4500 north Tryon.

The inspector noticed stuck on food debris on knives, containers, and other utensils. But all that stuff was supposed have already been cleaned.

The inspector also saw lots of small cockroaches in the place and there were fruit flies buzzing around too.

Their grade here: An 81. That’s a low B.