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Uptown sushi bar cited for lack of control in kitchen, poor raw food storage

One restaurant on this week's Restaurant Report Card didn't have any soap or paper towels at the sink where employees should have been washing their hands.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A lot of “B” grades on this week’s Restaurant Report Card on places located in Dilworth, Uptown and Steele Creek.

First up this week, the hugely popular Ed’s Tavern in Dilworth. One of the employees was seen putting on a hair net, which is good. But then, after touching all the hair, they didn’t wash their hands --  that’s bad.

Speaking of washing hands, there wasn’t any soap at the sink, and no paper towels. That tends to make washing your hands thoroughly, well, a bit more difficult. 

As for the food? They had items like black beans, boiled eggs, and grilled onions warmer than then required 41 degrees. The health department noted they’ll be back to verify compliance within 10 days because this is a repeat violation. Their grade this week at Ed’s, an 85 which is a “B."

Click here for the full inspection report. 

Next up, the Emzy Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen in uptown. They were dinged this time for an overall lack of control in the kitchen. One employee was bussing dirty dishes then moved right to expediting food and adding garnishes without washing hands in between. 

Some of their cold food was too warm, things like salmon, tofu, and Masago. Some of it was chilled, but the stuff above 45 degrees was thrown out. 

Also, raw foods like chicken and salmon were being kept next to ready to eat foods -- that’s a serious violation because it can make you really sick. Their grade at Emzy in uptown, an 82, a low “B."

Click here for the full inspection report. 

Last up this week, we go to Steele Creek and the GridIron on South Tryon. A waiter here was bare handing food, all-be-it toast, but still, no bare hand contact is allowed. 

They also had sausage holding below 135 degrees. On the flip side, some of their cold foods were too warm, stuff like the sautéed veggies, vegetable soup, and the gravy. All of that was tossed. Their grade here at the GridIron, an 85.5, that’s a “B” too.

Click here for the full inspection report.

If you check the violations on your own, the things to look for are in red, those are deemed critical violations by the health department. 

While the handwashing violations are gross, Bill McGinty personally pays attention to the food temperature and the date marking violations. Those two will be listed in red. Who wants warm fish that was cooked seven days ago? That’s information worth knowing.

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