ROCK HILL, S.C. - It is a sweet hobby for Dr. Thomas Epps of Rock Hill. Epps keeps bee hives behind his Celanese Road Orthodontist Office. It makes for great small talk for patients.

"It's just such an interest to everybody." said Orthodontist Assistant Anita Andrews. "Even the children love to look out the window and see what the bees are doing and check up on them."

Which is why it came a surprise that someone would hurt them three times now.

"Someone has pushed, or kicked them over. They're panicking because they can't get back in their hive." said Danille Caston, Orthodontist Assistant.

Epps took to Facebook with a $500 reward for anyone helping police find the people responsible.

Knocking over the hives will kill many bees endangering the Queen Bee. If the Queen is killed, the hive is lost.

Epps assistants say the hives produce many pounds of honey each year that are given away to family, patients, and friends.